Halloween 2006

It's that time of year again!  Time to dress up and go play. 
Is that different from any other day???

Caitlyn is sporting the lion look this year.

She is running around more this year!

The elephant climbs over a giant ball at the Gymboree Halloween Party!

Wait, that's not just ANY elephant!  It's the Sydney-phant.  Or ElephSydney?

The lion's on the move again.  Daddy says "prowling".

She's stalking Daddy (who doesn't hide well) by crawling up a wedge.

Elephant's don't climb well, but we try!

The Cait-lion found Daddy again!

And crawls through a tube to get to him.

Why lions shouldn't do bridges.

Sydney-phants can stalk Daddy too.  We just use bigger barrels!

Big noisy!

Halloween gathering around the airlog.

The party grows while the music goes....


Creatures on the giant parachute!